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Made in the USATramBed is the ultimate commercial-grade truck bed extension, made here in the USA.

While cantilevered solutions might be fine for casual, do-it-yourself needs, they do not have the ability to survive the hard-working life required of commercial business needs. The problem with the cantilever design is that when the bed extends with a heavy load, there is only support at one end, creating a levering force. The farther the bed extends, the greater the force, which increases slide resistance and over-stressing of the unit. This can cause damage to your truck and the sliding bed unit itself.

TramBed’s patented design not only extends the truck bed but also includes easily extendable and adjustable legs that quickly stabilize the extended bed to support working loads. Along with the safety gained from a supported and stable environment, TramBed’s technology extends the life and lowers the costs of your business’ critical vehicle investments.

TramBed is easy to purchase, install and use. Find out more, then purchase online or contact one of our distributors today.