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About TramBed

TramBed is proudly built in the USA by the skilled fabrication team at Metcam, Inc.

METCAMMetcam is a 25-year-old, precision sheet metal fabrication company serving OEMs in a wide variety of markets. Metcam applies advanced technologies including lasers, robots and powder coating lines to build quality products for world-class customers including GE, Tyco Security, Carrier Corporation, Steelcase and more.

Patented Design

Our patented 2-part design features a fully integrated track and leg assembly to support the cargo deck, providing support at both ends and throughout the full travel of the cargo deck. TramBed allows the weight of the load to be shared by vehicle and support legs rather than stressing and torqueing a truck’s bed and springs. TramBed LLC holds US Patent #6,883,849.

TramBed is built to last. TramBed is built of stainless steel.

TramBed inventory Jerry Hebert and TramBed president Bruce Hagenau.

TramBed inventor Jerry Hebert and TramBed president Bruce Hagenau.

TramBed was founded in 2006 by the father and son team of Jerry and Lincoln Hebert. The goal of the Heberts was to solve the problems of the typical truck bed extensions and thereby, improve safety and performance at the work site.

TramBed eliminates the stress that heavy loads place by cantilevered bed extensions on the sliding mechanism, attachment points and the vehicle.

On January 7, 2007 Trambed announced the debut of our innovative truck bed extension system, the TramBed. TramBed is the first truck bed extension system to utilize our patented system of telescoping frame, sealed bearings, adjustable legs and safety locks to deliver a tool that’s heavy duty, easy to use and safer than cantilevered solutions.

In January of 2015, the Hebert’s joined with Metcam, a fabricated metals manufacturing firm located in suburban Atlanta, Georgia. Metcam is well-equipped to mass-produce their innovation and maintain the exacting standards for quality and durability.