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The TramBed Advantage

TramBed’s patented technology proves a stable work platform, improving safety and extending the life of your vehicle investments. Unlike a cantilevered bed extension, TramBed has a framework that includes adjustable legs to provide a level, sturdy and steady platform for your equipment needs. TramBed’s construction not only provides safety and ease of access to materials, it protects your vehicles against the mount point and suspension damage created by the leverage of weight inherent in a cantilevered design.

  • Safety through heavy duty construction and full support of the extended bed.
  • Stability on uneven surfaces via a patented framework with adjustable legs.
  • Flexibility in loading, since the load on a TramBed does not need to be “evenly distributed.”
  • Greater Extension of the bed, because the load is being supported by both the truck and and legs… up to 20% greater extension of your truck bed.
  • Financial Protection of your capital equipment in trucks, as TramBed eliminates the stress on vehicles caused by cantilevered bed extensions.
How It
How It

TramBed is designed and built here in the USA.

Built In The USA

Patented Design

Our patented 2-part design features a fully integrated track and leg assembly to support the cargo deck, providing support at both ends and throughout the full travel of the cargo deck. TramBed allows the weight of the load to be shared by vehicle and support legs rather than stressing and torqueing a truck’s bed and springs. TramBed LLC holds US Patent #6,883,849.