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How To Use

TramBed is easy to use in the field.

The frame slides out, you quickly extend and adjust the legs, then the bed can roll out along the frame. The stability of the system makes accessing your materials much safer than with cantilever designs. The TramBed advantage also means you don’t have to be concerned with carefully loading the bed for cantilevered balance. Heavy items don’t need to be loaded to the less accessible front end of the bed in order to keep the load “evenly distributed”. The load can be placed anywhere on the TramBed for greater accessibility. You can even load and unload the TramBed with a forklift!

Watch this brief video to see how easy it is to use TramBed.


As the video shows, TramBed creates a stable, flat and supported surface for safe access to equipment and supplies as well as a workbench for field maintenance and repair.